Thursday, August 7, 2014

Breastfeeding Mama in Germany

You've probably heard about the breastfeeding week. Reading Lorna's blog about her breastfeeding journey inspired me to share my own.

Breastfeeding is natural so I reckon it must be uncomplicated, but heck was I wrong. Before we became pregnant, husband and I decided we will feed our baby from my breast as it is proven the best baby food, exclusive breastfeeding even.

On the 2nd of March 2014, our most awaited baby girl came via CS after 14 hours of labor (doctors and hebame/midwife and I tried to have normal but she was too comfortable to come out and so at the end it was decided to bring her to the world via Ceasarian). That being said, milk supply takes longer to be produced than normal.

Being a 26-year-old-first-time mum, I had no doubt I am capable to breastfeed my child, not until I started to try to breastfeed her. She did not appear thrilled with my breast and my nipple hurt like never before every time she latches, and very little milk comes out. Poor little things she has to work hard sucking mama's breast. I was in pain from the operation and unable to move from the waist down. Could not take pain relievers because of my allergic reaction against them. First day after the operation, I was just in bed with catheter. The nurse brings the baby to the room for feedings and those were frustrating moments. My left breast had inverted nipple so I was given a 'brusthütchen' (breastshield). It works like magic.

After two days we found that Emma lost 500 grams (which is normal but lost weight needs to be regained) and not feeding enough so in the hospital I was provided this electronic breast pump. They work great except that they make you feel like you are a cow and I experienced overlactation which resulted to sore and extra extra big BIG breast. I pumped milk and stored it in the fridge afterwards. When Emma was hungry, we then bottle fee her. That was an amazing solution, we decided to stick to it until we come back home. We rented the machine from a pharmacy and everything is paid by the health insurance. That's how Germany promotes breastfeeding. Super. The only thing I did not know with this machine was, it can cause excessive lactation. So be careful not to over pump.

I do pumping then storing, then the little Emma is hungry... I go warming and feeding with bottle... then repeat. I found the cycle rather tiring. And oh, I had to wash and sterilize the bottles. I tried to feed her directly from my breast which created confusion for her. She apparently got used to the rubber nipple. It took two weeks of never ending trying. There were days that I cried with her. My breasts were very painful, sore and just.... painful. I get a scary feeling everytime she cries out of hunger. I was NOT looking forward to feeding her, it was so different from what I expected it to be, so different from other moms I know who breastfed their children.

There was a time that I could not take it anymore and so I called my mother who is on the other side of the world. It was 4 am in Manila. I just cried and cried and said I don't want to breastfeed anymore. And you know what she said? 'Kung 'di talaga kaya, edi hinto mo.' If it's not really working, then stop breastfeeding. Hmm very encouraging, no? LOL

A lot happened (including post partum syndrome) we sought help from the hebame and frauenarzt and I did not give up breastfeeding. On the third week, Emma and I started to do better and my breast felt more and more comfortable with the sucking motion. I guest the nipple builts its own protection and grew used to the sucking and it is not so fragile anymore. I now breastfeed without the brusthütchen and no longer need an electric pump. The Avent hand pump is very useful though, when I need to pump excess milk or for a babysitter to feed her.

To this day, we still have the formula milk unopened carton, he bought it just in case I decide to stop breastfeeding. Our little Emma is now five months and I plan to exclusively breastfeed her for one year or for as long as I can.
Best advice I got, never give up on difficult days. 

I wish all the best for all aspiring breastfeeding moms out there!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Why is the Philippines not in the World Cup?

Hey you, what's up ketchup!
Question: Ang Tagalog ba ng football ay sipa? Joke lang... ito naman.

Anyway highway..

It's the season of World Cup and at first I thought it's wierd how much of a fan they are as in they go crazy. Even the food is all about this sport.

And shower gel..

Just because we live here and everyone's talking about it, I gave Fußball a chance. So I watched the first game of Germany against Portugal. Aha, this sport is fun to watch but definitely hard to play. I like that it has very easy scoring system, not like basketball where there are one-point, two-point and three-point shoots. In football, you just have to see the ball inside the net and you get one point for the team. And it's lesser violent than boxing :)

So why is the Philippines never on FIFA? I asked my husband.
One obvious reason why Philippines is not in the World Cup is that we are not qualified and that we are a basketball nation. At siguro dahil wala tayong budget to train to be qualified for it. Dapat next time sumali ang Pinas, ang fun kaya! (ewww conio)

Di dahil follower ka ng sport na ito ay sosyal ka na! Sa bansang mahirap tulad ng Ivory Coast, normal lang ang football. E paano sa Pinas, puro mayayaman lang ang nakakapaglaro gaya ng mga Askel este Azkal. Para bang hanggang status symbol na lang ito. O hanggang bilyar at boxing lang ba ang kaya nating i-excel? (anong Filipino translation, igaling, i-husay?)

Medyo na-carried away lang ako nung natalo ang Netherlands, akala ko sila ang maglalaban ng Germany sa Finals. Sad for the fans.  Ang sad talaga. (with Kris Aquino tone)

Thursday, June 13, 2013



You hide me in the light of Your love
You hold me in the strength of Your grace
You heal me by the power of the cross
For when I am weak, You are strong

You lead me where the living waters flow
You love me on the journey, make me whole
You lift me on Your shoulder, carry me
For when I am weak, You are strong

Saviour, brought my days in Your hands
Redeemer every dream, every plan
Father, with Your word I respond
You are my God, You are faithful

You rescue me from enemy lies
You’re reaching down from heaven’s open skies
You run to my defence, You cover me
For when I am weak, You are strong

Saviour, brought my days in Your hands
Redeemer every dream, every plan
Father, with Your word I respond
You are my God, You are faithful

Faithful to heal
Faithful to love
Lord You have come to us, come to us
In every prayer, in every prayer
Lord, You are changing us, changing us

Faithful to hear
Faithful to speak
Lord, You are leading us, leading us
All of my life, all of my days
Lord, hear my prayer

All of my days in Your hands
Redeemer every dream, every plan
Father, with Your word I respond
You are my God, You are faithful

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Frankfurt am Main

The Philippine forum meeting was held on Saturday in Hessen and I had a blast of fun being with other Filipinas. I literally forgot I am in this cold Germany. I had a heart to heart talk with this lady on far right on the photo below. She was with her two kids when she came here to Germany, unfortunately the job agency/recruiter turned out to be a child traficker. Her children were sold in different families and she fought for 13 months to get back all of them. She was the reason the law against human traficking was created in Germany. She's a one tough Momma. Mabuhay po kayo Ate Suzy!

After the meeting, we headed to Frankfurt for sight-seeing.First we wandered by foot around the old city and here is our map. It's kind of big.

Water fountains are everywhere.

This place was recently flooded by heavy rains, that is why as you can see, it is muddy.

These ducks come up to you when you feed them with bread.

The architechtural design of this church is splendid.

Great way to tour around the city is with a bicycle. Good thing we brought it with us.

The weather was very nice, the sun was shining and drizzling has stopped for a few hours. Gorgeous sky over here!

This is the Main River.

Crossing to the other side of the river where the financial, banking, commerce centers can be found.

I was thrilled to see these tall buildings. Feels like I am in Ayala, Makati.

Look what we saw! The competitor company of the former employer!

The mandatory jump shot in front of the Ratstelle. Take note, one take lang yan ah!

This place is the "Römer", German word for Roman.

Dom Sankt Bartholomäus, a gothic building constructed in the 14th and 15th centuries.

Friday, May 31, 2013


Dusseldorf is famous for its modern buildings.

Designed by Frank Gehry known for style of deconstructivism.

Cute dogs are all over the place!

Kite flying next to the Rhine River!

Knock, knock!
Who's there?
Ghini, who?
I'm a Ghini in the Lambor.

Someone in here uses Lamborgini as his everyday ride. It is the lowest ride I've ever seen.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What is Kurot Principle

I will tell you a story of a person na balak bumili ng cellphone worth P1,000. Nagkataong mayroon siyang P100,000 na savings. Puwede ba siyang bumili ng cellphone? Puwede, kasi yung P1,000, kurot lang ‘yon sa kanyang savings.

May pangalawang taong balak bumili ng cellphone. Ang bibilhin niya ay worth P1,000 din. Mayroon siyang savings sa bangko na P1,000. Bumili siya ng cellphone. Anong tawag dun? Dakot na ‘yun! Dinakot lahat ang pera niya!

May pangatlong tao, balak bumili ng cellphone, pero walang savings. P1,000 lang naman ‘yung bibilhin niya. Bumili siya. Anong tawag ‘dun? Utang na ‘yun!

Ang tanong: ano’ng prinsipyo ang ginagamit mo sa buhay mo? Kurot, dakot, o utang?

Magtataka pa ba tayo kung bakit tayo naghihirap o baon sa utang? Ang gagaling nating dumakot! Ang gagaling nating umutang! Gusto mong yumaman? Starting today, matutong kumurot. Kapag may bibilhin, dapat kinukurot lang! Nagkakaintindihan ba tayo? Kapag ginawa mo ito, pangako, yayaman ka.

Pag-aralan nating muli ang mga pinakamayayaman sa Pilipinas, ang Chinoy. Again, bakit sila mayayaman? Ang gagaling nilang… kumurot! Tayo ang gagaling nating… dumakot! Sasampolan kita…

Pinoy vs. Chinoy Businessman

May dalawang negosyanteng nagsimula ng kanilang negosyo, isang Pinoy at isang Chinoy. Ang capital nila pareho ay P100,000.

Sa unang buwan, si Pinoy, kumita ng P10,000. Ano ang iniisip bilhin? Cellphone. Si Chinoy, kumita rin ng P10,000. Ano ang gagawin niya? Idadagdag niya sa puhunan.

So magkano na ngayon ang puhunan ni Chinoy? P110,000! Si Pinoy, P100,000 pa rin, pero may bago siyang cellphone. Ang ganda!

Ituloy natin. After a few months, maganda ang takbo ng negosyo. Si Pinoy kumita ng P50,000. Ang Pilipinong may P50,000, ano ang balak bilhin? Bibili siya ng home theater, DVD, at LCD TV! Si Chinoy, kumita rin ng P50,000. Anong gagawin niya? Idadagdag uli sa puhunan niya. Magkano na ang puhunan niya? P160,000 na!

A few months later pa, ang Pinoy kumita ng P150,000! Ang Pilipinong mayroong P150,000, ano ang balak bilhin? Second-hand na kotse o pang-downpayment sa bagong kotse. Ang Chinoy, may P150,000. Ano’ng gagawin niya? Idadagdag sa puhunan! Magkano na ang puhunan niya? P310,000!

Buwan-buwan, si Pinoy kumikita. Dagdag siya ng dagdag ng gamit. Magkano ang puhunan niya? P100,000! Si Chinoy, buwan-buwan kumikita. Ano ang ginagawa niya? Dagdag ng dagdag sa puhunan niya. One day, Chinoy was able to save P1 million! So ginawa niya, he approached one supplier and said, “Supplier, kung bibili ako sa‘yo ng worth P1 million, bibigyan mo ba ako ng discount?” Hulaan mo kung ano ang sasabihin ng supplier. “Of course, ang dami mong bibilhin, kaya bibigyan kita ng additional 5% discount!”

Ngunit naisip ni Chinoy, “Hindi naman yata maganda na sa akin lahat ang 5%. Ang gagawin ko, bibigyan ko ang customers ko ng 3% discount at sa akin na lang ‘yung 2%.” Ibig sabihin, bababa ang presyo ng kanyang mga ibinebentang produkto.

It just so happened na magkatabi ang tindahan ni Chinoy at ni Pinoy. Pareho sila ng mga produktong ibinebenta. Given the situation, kanino kayo bibili? Kay Chinoy, because it’s cheaper. Ano ang mangyayari sa negosyo ni Pinoy? Malulugi na. Kasi mas mahal ang kaniyang produkto. Ano ang gagawin niya? Ibebenta niya ‘yung kotseng nabili niya ng P150,000. Sino ang bibili? Siyempre, ang maraming pera, si Chinoy. Tatawaran pa ni Chinoy ang kotse ng P80,000. Dahil gipit na si Pinoy, kahit palugi ay ibebenta na rin niya. Si Chinoy ngayon ay nagkaroon ng kotse na murang-mura lang!

After a few months, mauubos din ang P80,000 ni Pinoy. Ano ang susunod na gagawin ni Pinoy? Ang home entertainment niya ay ibebenta na rin. Magkano? P20,000 na lang. Sino ang bibili? Si Chinoy. Darating ang araw na pati ang cellphone ni Pinoy ay ibebenta na niya. Magkano niya ibebenta? P2,000 na lang! Isang araw, magsasara na ang negosyo ni Pinoy. Ano ang gagawin niya? Malamang, magtatrabaho na lang siya kay Chinoy. Ito ang kuwento ng bansang Pilipinas!

Naalala mo pa ba noong araw, mas mayayaman ang mga Pinoy kaysa sa mga Chinese. Bakit nagbago? Ano ba ang problema natin? Dakot kasi tayo ng dakot! Sila, kurot lang ng kurot!

Mayroon kaming naging participant before na nagsabi, “Sir, hindi naman totoo ‘yan! I know a Chinoy, he drives a BMW. That’s a P5 million car! Kurot ba ‘yun?” Malamang kurot ‘yun! Noong binili niya ‘yun, mayroon na siyang P100 million na savings! So kurot lang ‘yun! Nandiyan ka pa ba?

Isang Kahig, Isang Tuka

Saan ka makakakita ng mga taong isang kahig, isang tuka? Saan? Sa squatters area? Magtigil ka! Gusto mo’ng makakita ng mga taong isang kahig, isang-tuka? Sa Ortigas, sa Makati, may makikita ka.

What do I mean? Kapag hindi ka sumuweldo ng isang buwan, mabubuhay ba ang pamilya mo? Kung wala kang credit card, kung mawalan ka ng trabaho ngayon, ilang araw ang aabutin para mabuhay ng matino ang pamilya mo? Kapag nawalan ka ng suweldo, patay ka!

Ang mga Chinoy, kahit hindi muna kumita o magnegosyo, mabubuhay ng maganda. Bakit po? Kasi many years ago, kumahig sila ng kumahig at tumuka lang konti. Kaya marami sa kanila ngayon, tuka na lang ng tuka. Maraming Pinoy, kapag hindi tayo kumahig, wala tayong tutukain.

Ito ang masakit–sometimes, kahit matanda na tayo, kahig pa rin tayo ng kahig. Gaano karaming Pilipino ang 60 years old na ay trabaho pa rin ng trabaho? Puwede ba, simula ngayon, kumahig ka nang kumahig at iwasan munang tumuka. I-deprive ang sarili ng kaunti.

Ang pinakamasakit sa lahat ay ito–one day, you want to work, but you cannot work. You are already old. Why? Nagpakasasa ka kasi noong bata ka pa. Inubos mo na lahat ng lakas at kalusugan mo sa bisyo.

Tanong: Masama ba’ng bumili ng mahal? Sagot: Hindi! Basta kinukurot lang! Kapag nakakita ka ng kasamahan mong naka-Nike shoes, huwag mong husgahan kaagad iyong tao! Malay mo, kinurot lang niya iyon. At the end of the day, what is happening to other people is not important. What’s more important is what is happening to you.

The Bible says in 1 Thessalonians 4:11, “Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life. You should mind your own business and work with your hands, just as we told you.”


Thursday, February 28, 2013

German Song: Filipina singing German song (Das kann kein Zufall sein lyrics, song by Andrea Berg)

I was listening to a local radio station and heard this nice song by Andrea Berg. I like it so much and so I looked up the song on youtube. After a few moments, I decided to make my own video with lyrics.
So here it is!